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Deadly Duo!
Birth Name;
Brianna Monique Garcia and Stephanie Nicole Garcia Ring Name;
Brie and Nikki Bella
Date of Birth;
November 21, 1983
WWE Debut;
Brie: August 29, 2008 Nikki: October 31 2008
Mini Bio;
Brie and Nikki are twin sisters, who are also a professional wrestling tag team under the ring names Brie Bella and Nikki Bella, collectively referred to as The Bella Twins. They are currently working for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) on the Raw brand. Click here for more
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Small Recap:
The Bella Twins and Daniel Bryan lost to Maryse, Alicia Fox and Ted DiBiase
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Nikki's Bio on WWE.Com
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New layout!
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as you can see, if not, refresh, i got a new layout! even though i loved the first one, i think this one is better. and it’s made by the same person that made the first layout, Nicole from Serenity Designs. if you want free, amazing designs you should definitely go to Nicole, and she finishes it quickly. and a million thanks to LJ from for setting up the layout! love you :*

WWE Royal Rumble results: NEVER mess with the Bellas!
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Daniel Bryan and Gail Kim are shown backstage, getting interviewed by Josh Mathews, then The Bellas come and they are both holding flowers, then they say that they are here to apologize and they were caught by surprise last week on RAW, and they congratulated them and apologized, and said that they’re perfect for each other (such sweethearts) and are in the same league, so Gail asked them “what is that supposed to mean?” and they were like come on, Gail, look at you and look at us, this is why this (points at Gail) works for him! Gail called Brie Nikki and they got mad and started trash talking each other, then Brie slapped Daniel and Gail threw the flowers at Nikki, and a catfight started, some officials had to separate them

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WWE Supershow House Show results (29/1/2011) – Springfield, Massachusetts
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Maryse and Gail Kim b. Brie and Nikki

Source: wrestling news world

“Do you know your Diva(s)?” -Ask the Divas (29 of Jan, 2011)
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It’s been a long time since we had an “Ask the Divas” segment, but now it’s back and better than before! This “Ask the Divas” was great! The Divas were asked 3 questions, #1: Which WWE Diva is a classically trained pianist?

#2: Which WWE Diva gets creeped out by the Louisiana Bayou?

#3: Which WWE Diva dressed up her cat for photos hoots at home?

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Week in photos (29th of January, 2011)
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The Bella Twins assist U.S. Champion Daniel Bryan while entering the ring

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2 new twitpics!
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John Michaels and John Newton (Who interviewed the Bellas on Atlanta Rock Station) posted a 2 twitpics of The Bella Twins on their twitter account! and let me just say, they look beautiful as usual plus, they took the picture at 7 AM in THE MORNING! yeah they really are little angels ;)

and this is what they had to say:

“@TheSoon2BFamous Nothing better than 2beautiful twins nice to meet thebellatwins on @MayhemintheAM this morning

Besos Papi! “@JTNewton: Enjoyed having @thebellatwins on @MayhemintheAM this morning!

Click Here for the first picture
Click Here for the second picture
Grand Opening!!!
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Hello everyone! This is your NEWEST and -hopefully ;) - best online source for the Beautiful Bella Twins! <<< I've alway wanted to say type that, i mean ;) :P Well the gallery and Media pages are open, but they’re still not complete. Since I’m on my Spring Break -and have nothing better to do :P - hopefully they’ll be complete by tomorrow! and if you have any comments, donations or ANYTHING AT ALL e-mail me at!! I’m really excited as you may have guessed and follow the sites twitter @SimplyBellasorg!
HUGE thanks to LJ from, Nicole from for this AMAZING layout, and to everyone else that helped me!
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